Important Factors For A Complete Wash


The quality of your water is vitally important for the wash cycle. Water softening devices employed currently in modern laundry services like ours manage the effects of hard water efficiently. They also make the operation economically viable and reduce wear and tear on appliances, fabric and plumbing.

Other factors in water that can affect washing include total dissolved solids, chlorine, iron (yellowing), alkalinity (problems rinsing, harsh fabric), organic matter, etc.

Other Main Factors 

The main factors in quality oriented washing services are:

Chemical action (Detergent)

Mechanical action (Swooshing)

Water temperature

Time (The wash cycle period)


These four components need to fill the pie chart.

Any decrease or increase in one factor will simultaneously need an increase or decrease in the corresponding factor e.g  A decrease in the temperature of the wash will need to increase in detergent or load more.

Chemical action is achieved by the detergent we add to the water. Our detergents are fabric friendly and consistent.

Mechanical action is achieved by the movement of the fabrics against one another inside the washing machine. Over loading or under loading are reasons for inefficient cleaning. Our

Temperature: For every 10 degree drop in temperature below 110F, there is a 50% reduction in the chemical reaction - so washing in warm to hot water is best. Our temperature controlled system ensures we make washing a consistent quality process.

Time: One of the most crucial factors! If fabric is not exposed to detergent and mechanical action for long enough, water will not penetrate fabric and soils will not be released. The fast exposure junctions in our state-of-the art machines ensure the process is well controlled and up for delivery as per committed time.


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