Proper presentation of your garments and consistency in our packing processes make us one of the most sought after brands in Laundry Services. We being the experts in this field know the importance of washing with respect to coloured and non-coloured materials and the importance of their separation before wash cycles. We do not compromise on the garment manufacturer instructions and help you keep your clothes for long period in use. We take care of your clothes to maintain the fresh feeling of your dress etc. every time to unpack it after our wash cycles. So worry not and hand over your garments and dresses to us for a fast and quality oriented washing, drying and folding services.

Our Online Laundry Services in Pune is very much customer friendly and we take pride in ourselves as one of the best dry cleaning services providers in the city. Clothes and shoes are among the first impressions of a person, with our experience in providing top quality dry cleaning services we fulfill all expectations of our customers in providing satisfactory service.


Spots whether on our table cloth, sofa- cover, dresses, or bed sheets are always the worst of problems to face. To ensure your garments and sheets etc. are free from spots our precision based spot removal machines work wonders for you. Whether its ink, oil, paint, chocolate, sauce or tea we clean and remove the spots and stains completely in no time.

We are a well-established Laundry Services Provider in Pune gaining customer confidence in our services. Spots can be irritating if it has been on any of the favorite clothes. It requires expertise in the removal of spots. We have experts who are experienced and well trained to remove all types of spots in clothes.


Dry cleaning is a ubiquitous requirement for all the special garments and dresses you own. Considering this universal fact we installed various types of superior dry cleaning machines for every type of garment and fabric. To maintain impeccable quality we recheck your clothes after the complete dry clean process intricately for any spots etc. and rectify it immediately. Whether it is leather or dresses in silk or synthetic we do the dry clean in quality oriented fast cycles.

Laundro Smart offers a total solution to all kinds of Laundry needs for people in Pune. We use top quality machines which are specially designed for washing and cleaning of all types of clothes, also with our trained and well-maintained staff we are one of the Best Dry Cleaners in Pune providing complete dry cleaning services at affordable rates.


An essential part of garment preservation and stacking deals with how well steam pressing is done. We use premium quality garment sensitive finishing presses which ensure perfect presentation after wash. The machines efficiently remove hard wrinkles and crushes in a fast set time period.

Our Laundry Services in Pune include dry cleaning, ironing of all types of clothes. We offer the best Laundry rates keeping in view of the laundry needs of people. With our quality laundry services, people can save their precious time and leave their laundry worries to us. Having a reliable laundry service is very essential in a day to day life. Laundro Smart bring perfection in people’s life by satisfying their laundry needs.

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